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Raw Material:
Chemical and Mechanical properties shall be retested after purchasing assure material meet with requirement of orders.

CEPAI has a three fold systems to assure the records of components and assemblies can be traced from raw material to finished item. PART NUMBER: It gives the full engineering design records encapsulating drawings design calculations, specifications, and test procedures where applicable TRACE NUMBER: It gives the records of raw materials from cast house through forge or foundry to finished and tested forging or casting. A Heat number or heat treatment Log is maintained by Quality Dept.
SERIAL NUMBER: Enables the manufacturing records of the part to be traced. The number comes from the Manufacturing Works Order or Assembly Works Order.

The Engineering Dept. creates material specifications as per the requirements of the relevant API standard. The specifications give details of the chemistry, mechanical properties, heat treatment, melting and processing details, hardness limits and NACE instructions for the material in question.

Document packages are constructed from the assembly test records. All equipment is provided with a certificate of conformity to the appropriate standards and specifications. Certificates shall be supplied of all tests as required by API standards.
All casting suppliers shall have the ISO9000 certificate. Before batch production, All casting poured by new partners shall passed "casting procedure Qualification", and X-ray detecting shall meet with requirement of ANSI B16.34 standard.
Before putting in storage, All casting sample shall be inspected, Dimension-Examined.
Cepai will make an auditing to all castings supplier per year according to ISO9000 standard.
All casting used for special media or PN≥900Lb(15.0MPa) shall be conducted NDT(such as RT, PT and MT).

Marking Data
Finished components and assemblies are stamped or etched with the relevant trace numbers. Only low stress marking equipment is used. Finished assemblies are tagged with the CEPAI nameplate giving details as required by API

Inspection plans are available for the various equipment to be supplied. A plan is issued to cover PSL and equipment requirements. Each plan describes inspection steps as required by CEPAI ,API, and contract. Hold and witness points are indicated for CEPAI, client, and third party.All inspection equipment is identified and calibrated. All inspections are conducted with calibrated equipments. All non destructive tests are conducted in accordance with written procedures.

Records are kept of all inspections and tests. Records are kept of all design reviews. Records are kept for five years after completion of the contract.
Quality System:
CEPAI 's quality system is accredited and certified by independent accessors to API Q1 and ISO 9001:2000. This system is monitored by both API and UKAS to verify compliance with the system and the standards. A schedule of internal audits is maintained with all elements of the standard being visited annually by internally qualified auditors.

The Engineering Dept shall allocate part numbers for all items. once order acceptance new items are allocated numbers and issued to Sales for inclusion in the sales order. Long lead items are given particular attention to enable purchase order placement.
Design of CEPAI equipment is covered by a number or procedures. The engineering dept. will issue drawings, specifications, and procedures to all responsible Dept. Design verifications shall be done for any new components or design by review of alternative calculations and relevant test operations such as hydrostatic and functional tests.

Each assembly is performed in accordance with instructions given on the work order. The work order includes test procedure. Assembly and Test procedures are issued by the Engineering Dept. with the bill of material.
Quality Management & Facility For test and Inspect:

CEPAI will satisfy customer requirements & expectations in a competitive manner through the consistent use and application of quality in our products, services and organization.

CEPAI manufactures & remanufacture various components to a number of standards and specifications. All are made under the umbrella of an accredited quality system. A specific Quality plan is created to cover contracts where the client has special needs.

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