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Materials The Engineering Dept. creates material specifications giving the requirements of the relevant.API standard. The specifications give details of the chemistry, mechanical properties, heat treatment, melting and processing details, hardness limits and NACE instructions for the material in question. Raw Material: Chemical and Mechanical properties shall be retested after purchasing assure material meet with requirement of orders. Blanks:All casting suppliers shall have the ISO9000 certificate.before lot-produce, All casting poured by new parters shall passed "Casting Procedure Qualification", and X-ray detecting shall meet with requirement of ANSI B16.34 standard.Before putting in storage, All casting shall be sample inspected, Dimension-Examined.CEPAI will made an auditing to all castings supplier per year according to ISO9000 standard. All casting used for special media or PN≥900Lb(15.0MPa) shall be NDT(such as RT, PT and MT).
Each assembly is done in accordance with instructions given on the work order. The work order includes test procedure.Assembly and Test procedures are issued by the Engineering Dept. with the bill of material.An assembly record is created detailing major API components and trace numbers. Assembly hydro test are recorded on calibrated chart recorders. Records are kept of each assembly and a report is kept on file for reference.Records are kept of all inspections and tests. Records are kept of all design reviews. Records are kept for five years after completion of the contract.Start from the raw material, we do chemical components inspection, hardness check, mechanical impact test and spectral analysis.Nondestructive, visual examination, measurement control, leakage test, ultrasonic and X-ray examination, hydraulic and pneumatic tests.Destructive, ferrite and cobalt content analysis, penetrate inspection, tensile strength test, impact-bending test at ambient and high or low temperature methods,etc.
All finished products are nicely packed and stored, into a barcode management system, which guarantees the products to be delivered in right time, good manner. Each product will be given an exclusive barcode, and has a corresponding record in database, which helps to identify and track the product within its life time. CEPAI employs advanced bar code technology for warehousing and logistics management starting from purchase order, material storage, requisition to finished product storage and delivery.Through bar code scanning and reading devices, materials or products data are collected and put into SAP system to integrate resource management and effectively solve the inventory and shipping problems, optimizing warehouse operations, maximize logistics .Efficiency.
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