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Description: The tubing head adapter provides a transition between the Christmas tree and the tubing head. The bottom adapter connection matches the tubing head, and the top adapter connection matches the tree. Tubing head adapters are available for all types of single- and multiple-string completions, including those using electric submersible pumps, packers, downhole control valves and gas lift valves. These adapters come with threaded, flanged or studded-flanged top connections. Most tubing head adapters are available with hydraulic supply inlets for downhole control lines.

ESP Adapters
ESP adapters have seal bores to accommodate both a tubing hanger neck seal and an electrical power feed-thru device. Standard ESP adapters are equipped with rotating flanges to mate to the tubing head, minimizing concerns over alignment issues. Positive alignment can be obtained through the use of optional features in the mating ESP hanger. ESP adapt ers can be supplied to match standard tubing heads rated to 3,000 and 5,000 psi working pressure.
Features and Benefits
◆ Provides sealing bore for a variety of electrical feed-thru configurations, including penetrators,cable packoffs and continuous feed-thru penetrator mandrels.
◆ Provides reliable seal bores for tubing hanger neck or seal sleeves.

◆ Provides rotating attachment flange for ease of alignment to ESP hanger and tubing head flange.

Basic Adapters
Features and Benefits
◆ Simple transition piece between the tubing head and the tree
◆ Used with a TC-1A tubing hanger
◆ Available with threaded, flanged or studded top connection

Seal Bore Adapters
Seal bore adapters have the inside diameter machined to provide a cotrolled seal bore for an extended-neck tubing hanger or a seal nipple. They are available with a test port and/or a hydraulic supply inlet for downhole control lines. Like basic adapters, they are normally installed with the tree.
Features and Benefits
◆ Provides seal bore for the TC-1A-ENS extended neck (Single-Seal Bore)
◆ Provides seal bores for the seal nipples on dual-completion tubing hang ers (Dual-Seal Bore)
◆ Available with SCSSV control line inlets
◆ Studded top connection only

Tubing Suspension Adapters
These adapters provide a means to hang the tubing via tubing threads machined in the lower-connection inside diameter. The tubing threads can be used to suspend tubing when an operator wants to reciprocate tubing, but does not require a back-pressure valve in the tubing hanger. These adapters do not provide a seal. They are normally used on low-pressure completions with a wraparound packoff or stripper.
Features and Benefits
◆ For use with the TC-1W, these adapters have tubing threads to suspend the tubing string
◆ Available top connections are male thread, female thread or studded.

Coupling Adapters
Coupling adapters provide a means to suspend the tubing in conjunction with a special coupling.They provide a lower connection for the tubing head and an upper connection for the tree and are used with a tubing coupling, which suspends the tubing and accepts a back-pressure valve. It is used for high-pressure completions where the operator wants to ma nipulate tubing through a wraparound packoff or stripper and needs a back-pressure valve and/or a hydraulic supply inlet for downhole control lines. An ACME thread is machined into the adapter's bottom inside diam eter to be utilized in conjunction with the coupling to hang the tubing. Then it can be screwed onto the coupling. When a tree is trimmed for critical service, a coupling adapter with a coupling nut is available to pre vent possible galling of threads between the adapter and coupling on makeup.
BO-2 Coupling
◆ Used with the BO-2 tubing coupling
◆ Adapter makes up to the tree.
◆ Entire assembly is installed by rotating it onto the coupling.
◆ Studded top connection only BO-10 Coupling
◆ Used in conjunction with the BO-10 coupling
◆ Installs without rotation of the tree
◆ Studded top connection only

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