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Description: The casing head is the lowest part of the wellhead assembly and is always connected to the surface casing string. It supports subsequent drilling wellhead and completion equipment.


◆ Provides for attachment to surface casing string.
◆ Supports blowout preventers while hole is drilled for next casing string.
◆ Provides for suspending and packing off the next casing string.
◆ Provides outlets for annular access.
◆ Provides for testing BOPs while drilling.



◆ C-22 accepts C-21 non-automatic sealing casing hanger w/ type H seal ring, C-22 & C-122 automatic sealing casing hanger.
◆ C-22-BP-ET has bowl-protector lockdown screws in the top flange.
◆ C-22 eliminates the need for lockdown screws to retain bowl protectors.
◆ Bottom preparation can be either male-threaded, female-threaded,
slip-on weld or Slip Loc.
◆ Straight bowl prevents wedge-locking of bowl protectors, casing hang
ers and test plugs.
◆ Seal bore less likely to be damaged during drilling.
◆ Detachable base plate available for C-22 heads provides time savings
and adds value due to better utilization of customer-owned property.
◆ C-22-EG reduces number of leak paths, lowers cost and increases safety
as there is no need to work beneath the BOPs.



◆ C-29 offers same features as industry standard C-22 with the exception
of the EG option.
◆ C-29-ET has multiple lockdown screws in top-flange which retain the
hanger and can be used to energize the hanger packoff seal.
◆ Deeper bowl accepts C-29/C-129/C-229/C121-S extreme-load casing
hangers in addition to other FMC Surface Wellhead casing hangers.
◆ The lockdown screws of the C-29-ET can also be used as bowl-protector
hold-down screws.


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